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Rendering the exterior walls of your home can help to refresh your property and give it a more modern vibe. Homeowners should consider changing and improving the exterior of their homes as one of the most effective ways to add value. Rendering is a cheap way for them to achieve this goal because it costs less than other materials such as steel or stone cladding which can be up to twenty times more expensive per square foot! Nowadays, people are more concerned with the exterior of their home than they were in years past. Now people want: a beautiful facade to hide behind as potential buyers will undoubtedly gawk at how well-maintained everything looks from outside!- the first impression is everything.

What exactly is rendering?

Rendering informally known as exterior home plastering or 3d rendering is the process of covering the exterior of a property with lime, acrylic, cement, or some other kind of mixture.  The types of rendering include but are not limited to:

  1. Cement rendering: cement rendering is typically the standard option for most people. It is typically applied in multiple coats and then painted over (when dry).
  1. Polymer rendering: unlike cement and lime rendering, polymer rendering is pre-mixed and often pre-coloured.

3 . Lime rendering: lime rendering is an older technique but still an effective one. Unlike cement, it is less likely to trap moisture within the brickwork. It can also sometimes be more visually appealing but does come at a higher cost than cement.

The dos and the don’ ts of rendering your home


-Ensure that your changes still stay in alignment with the overall design, proportions and other aspects of your home.

-Consider if your home stands out too much from the surrounding properties. It is good to be different but you don’t want to be too different to the other properties or you could put off potential buyers in the future.

-Be sure to check with an expert that your rendering work will in fact add to the value of your home- of course only if this is your goal for the work!


-Do not forget to keep some of your budget for inconveniences that may occur or extra work that may be needed.

-Don’t go with the cheapest and easiest option- find an expert and do your research.

-Don’t miss the opportunity to add in some energy-saving elements to your home while this rendering work is taking place- it is the perfect opportunity!

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