Standing Desks: How They Help You Beat Inactivity

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Standing Desk: What is it?

Basically, a standing desk or sit-stand desk was created to help you alter your role while working in front of a screen. While the basic ones are tailored to fit generic height standards, modern ones can be adjusted according to your convenience and comfort.

These variants are known as sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks. Many researches have suggested that using a standing desk is a superb way to improve your productivity.

Even if it doesn’t help you a lot, it surely does negate the detrimental ramifications of sitting for long periods.

Inactivity is the biggest enemy of the people. It causes those to become obese, develop health issues, and suffer from depression and anxiety. People who live an inactive and poor lifestyle have a higher chance of dying early by 70%. This alarming statistic is one of why standing desks are now part of office ergonomics.


Adding standing desks to our homes have not only made work healthier but have also revolutionized how we enjoy entertainment. Folks are increasingly choosing to see books while standing rather than lying down or taking notes and studying very much the same. To get more information about this problem, you can check out the Case study from

By incorporating the concept into both work and leisure, we’ve been capable to break free from our sedentary tendencies and pick more active ways to spend our time. People also choose standing desks for gaming. Thus they experience a better passion and better motivation to kill those gaming challenges.

Better Energy

According to a study of employees, staff using standing workstations was 45 percent more productive daily than those who sat throughout their shift. People who use standing desks report having better mood levels and energy at work.

Eliminates Pain

Sitting for lengthy periods restricts muscles and can cause lower back pain, particularly if you have poor posture. When used ergonomically, standing desks can help fight back pain and fight the consequences of improper sitting habits. Most of the 9 to 5 office workers, including call center employees, bus drivers, bus conductors, sit for long hours and suffer from back pain. Apart from this, the added weight gain brings about prolonged stress on the spine, neck, and legs, which comes from a sedentary lifestyle when you sit around. Several studies claim that standing desks help bring down the back pain substantially and strengthen your leg muscles. Participants in this study also reported about 32% improvement in back pain along with boosted enthusiasm and productivity. Another study conducted & published by the Centre for Disease Control found that regular use of the sit-stand desk reduces the pain in the top back & neck area by 54% in a term of just four weeks. Not just that, removal of these sit-stand desks happened to reverse all the results within about 2-weeks. Regarding chronic pain, prolonged sitting can further aggravate the same. So, standing desks are the key to lessen your pain and help you focus more on the duty at hand.

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