Tips for Choosing Right Foam Cushion Inserts

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There are a lot of things to consider whenever choosing which kind of filling you will need in your selected cushions. For instance, if your cushions are for use outdoors frequently then you will likely need to get a filling up or pad that has more water-resistant qualities as well as perhaps a good stain resistor.

If, however, your cushions are for use on the couch or bed indoors you won’t need this and you’ll well be looking for something softer and convenient. The decision is huge and a very important factor to note perhaps is cost, some pillow fillings can be quite expensive but there’s a huge choice and with just a little care you will get exactly the pillow you need.


Let’s go through the basic foam pillow first, this kind of cushion filling up is created out of produced flexible polyurethane which is built by mixing up together drinking water and urethane, the mix is then permitted to expand and occur a mould. It could then be cut to the required decoration. This sort of foam can be quite smooth or very company with respect to the mix and is utilized extensively in every types of foam cushions inserts and upholstery. The greater urethane found in the blend the denser and more costly the foam. This sort of foam is utilized for outdoor cushions, couch chair cushions and cushioning on furniture. It will retain its form for a long time and is wonderful for cushions that’ll be used for seated or lying down on. Another option that gets the same properties and uses is latex foam.

Hollow Fibre

Then there is certainly hollow fibre or ball fibre which is also synthetic and can be either gentle and downy (hollow fibre) or small circular balls (ball fibre). Either provides fairly soft pillow with a problem that your pillow will require a good tremble regularly to keep it plump. Pads can often be constructed from basics of foam with a level of hollow or ball fibre encircling it which gives excellent toughness with added comfort.


Another substitute is feather which certainly is not man-made. There are numerous marks of feather found in cushions from the essential and normally cheaper duck feather which generally provides smooth and comfortable cushioning and is utilized extensively throughout cushioning manufacture through to 100% down which is very smooth but usually very costly.

Feather Mixes

You will find feather mixes to be looked at and these can provide a superb cushioning at a portion of the price. There is certainly 85% duck 15% down found in cushions and cushions which is commonly cheaper whilst still offering an outstanding pillow. And 50% duck 50% down which again provides superb pillow but may be somewhat more expensive. Be aware that feather cushions will require regular shaking and plumping or they’ll become toned and uncomfortable. You’ll be able to wash most pillow fillings, but be sure you always follow manufacturers cleaning instructions as some fillings need specialist treatment.

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