2019 Residential Lighting Trends

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Whether you realize it or not lighting plays an integral role in how your home looks and indeed feels. Light modulates how we see things and the overall picture we perceive. Most times it could be the sole factor that differentiates good looking from excellent and pleasantly intriguing.

The good news is regardless of your taste and style there’s always a lighting design to give your home that glow of excellence. And best still, excellent lighting is not monotonous; it comes in various design trends and configurations tailor fit to complement the uniquely different spaces of your residential property.

What lighting trend should you be looking out for in 2019 for that picture perfect home? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Retro with a touch of modernistic is making a come back

If you’re a fan of the traditional retro look with its two-tone emphasis on neutral color palettes and rustic finishes, then 2019 has a lot in store for you. It’s, however, worth noting that today’s retro look comes with a side serving of modernistic appeal. We’re beginning to see sleeker and more refined finishes paired silken details – as opposed to the traditional brazen and hardboiled feel associated with contemporary retro lights.

What you get with today’s modernized retro lighting are warmer tones with a little touch of vibrancy; the kind that would be ideal your kitchen or dining area. Elsewhere they could provide an artful touch, but go easy on that suggestion, you don’t want to over-industrialize the look of your home.

Minimalism retains its place as a people’s favorite

There’s something about that clutter-less look with clean lines and subtle design cues that has got everyone hooked, and we’re a huge fan too. In line with today’s heightened emphasis on modern flush interior décor, minimalist lighting pieces that blend seamlessly with the overall interior styling are now more than ever more popular. That’s however not to say that complex lighting designs have lost their place entirely. They remain relevant; it’s just that modern décor enthusiasts are subscribing more to the notion that simplicity might be the best form of sophistication yet.

Big might be the best form of better

While ‘flashy’ lighting with weird shapes or scenic tones can be used to instill that wow factor, one often overlooked but still efficient route to the same destination is to simply install bigger lights. In this case, bigger is always better. This is especially true for lighting that’s meant to function as a centerpiece or an attention grabber. Install them in a spacious setting, and they’ll probably be all you need to turn those heads.

Finally, LED lighting is changing the industry

LED lights debuted the industry as the future of lighting. Energy efficiency, brighter lights, and less heat production made them better options than their incandescent counterparts. However, because they cost more and come in what many have described as restrictive designs, adoption has been somewhat slow. All that is changing rapidly in 2019.

Led prices have dropped considerably and for the first time, we’re starting to see some innovative LED lights designs (think multi-colored LED, freeform shapes, etc.) that perform outstandingly in the practicality and functionality departments. Unsurprisingly a lot of homeowners are subscribing to the LED inspired lighting future. You should too.

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