Essential Tips to Lubricate a Garage Door

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Lubricating the rollers is one of the essential task to keep them operating smoothly and perfectly. Before you begin the process, do not use water spray and avoid using oils and grease that are used for lubricating the machines. The Equipment and tools needed include Shop vacuum, Bucket with warm water, soft cotton rags, Step ladder,Lithium or silicone garage door lubricant, and green citrus-based degreaser. The important part of your garage door that you should lubricate are guide tracks that make the door open and down, hinges that hold the sections of door, rollers, door lock, torsion spring, center bearing plate, and the opener rail.

When it comes to lubricating the garage door, the first thing is to close the garage door and cut power to the garage door by unplugging the unit and shutting off the circuit breaker. Clean the door tracks with a vacuum so that you can easily clean the upper and inside portion of the garage door tracks.  Clean the track with warm water and then spray the torsion spring by using the lubricating spray. Do not overspray, and if your garage door has extension springs, do not lubricate them.

Lubricate the center bearing plate and spray the center connection on the center bearing plate and unlock the garage door. In this section, you must need the assistance of your friend because you can’t handle it without any support, so if you are not confident about managing it feel free to contact garage door repair woodbridge for any assistance. Clean the lower garage door tracks and lubricate the rollers but avoid spraying the rollers. Lubricate the opener rail, lock and spray all moving sections, then turn on the power and test your garage door. If you are feeling the same disturbing noise after lubricating, then you must consult a garage door professional to sort out this issue.

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